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    * Looking for new reseller plan

    Well i've been with exist hosting for over a month now. they are very friendly people and I have nothing bad to say about them. Problem I am having is that they have been upgrading thier servers for 2 weeks hence I am unable to create any new accounts which in turn is costing me reveniew. They say they are looking into the problem but can't seem to find a solution to it hence I am unable to market my site because customers simply can't sign up and when they do I am unable to moderate and/or and create their signup. We are using h-sphere btw. I have 2 more months advanced payment with them but I simply can't afford to lose any more potential clients. At this point I am willing to cut my losses and try a different reseller plan if need be. Sine I am quite new at web hosting any info and/or advice would be greatly appreciated as to links to any reliable resellers with limited server problems

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    Are you looking for h-sphere or cpanel based host?
    Btw, you might wanna look at hosting offers or fill the form for hosting quotes.
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    Use host quote on top. You will meet several reputable hosts.

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