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Thread: moving a domain

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    moving a domain

    what is involved in moving a domain?

    if somebody moves their site to my server should I just keep the register of the domain with the original people and just change the nameservers or should I get them to sign over the registration to me?
    If that's what I should do, what is the process involved in doing that?

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    Why should they sign over the registeration to you?

    They own the name, they should only change the name servers.

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    Not necessarily the registration, as this is registered in the owners name anyway, but the subscriptions so it makes it easier for my clients that they only need to get invoices from me for hosting and domain subscriptions, rather than pay me for hosting then pay someone else for domain subscriptions

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    That depends, do you want to be a domain reseller or would you prefer to stick to reselling web space?

    The only thing you NEED to change is the nameservers.

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    most name registers you can register the customer as owner and then list yourself as admin/tech contact,but to register it in your name is not good business pratices

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    the person in question's old host is packing up and moving abroad. So he wants me to take the admin contact of the registration.
    So what's the procedure for doing that?

    I've also been asked by another hosting company for a modification template. What is that?

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    So what's the procedure for doing that?
    go to the name register and follow the instructions...

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    what is the 'name register'?

    I have been asked, by the original registerer of the domain to:
    'provided the TAG (abbreviation) of the new
    target provider'

    what is that?

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    I believe you should be taking the tech support part and not the admin contact for your client.

    The admin contact is for the owner of the domain.

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    OK that's what I need.
    So what do I need to do to do this?

    All I want to do is make it easier for my clients. And they are just people I design websites for and host on my server.

    What is a 'TAG' and does anybody know what a modification template is?

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    PLEASE can someone help me with this!!!!

    the situation:
    mr.a has asked mr.b to design him a website. mr.b has done that and registered a domain name for mr.a and arranged hosting.

    the domain name is registered in mr.a's name. mr.a wants to move his site to mr.c's server.
    mr.b doesn't have the hosting anymore and doesn't want the registration of the domain.
    mr.b has asked mr.c for the 'TAG' of the new target provider. mr.c has no idea what that is. help.

    what must mr.c do to get the domain moved from mr.b to mr.c?

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    Somebody needs to make sure the account is setup on the new Server and which Nameservers to use.

    Somebody needs to do a WHOIS lookup on the Domain name to find out who the Registrar is.

    Somebody with the ID & PW, for the account at the Registrar, needs to log in and change the Nameservers.

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