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    Do you have RHCE?

    Basically, what certs must a server admin have? or must a server admin have a degree in computer?

    i have plan to take RHCE course, but i'm not sure whether i will be qualified to run dedicated servers when i get the cert, because the course itself doens't teach us how to manage server with the help of CONTROL PANELS.

    what do you think?
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    AFAIK, there isn't any formal/industry-recognised certification for specific control panels. Be a RHCE and that should give you a good headstart. Of course, you could go through other courses like those counducted by Cisco, or even Microsoft. As for control panels, just use them. Use, break, repair, uninstall, install, and use. You'll learn.
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    I'm going to get Redhat to certify me to use their OS.. why?

    If you're just starting out, that sounds like a good idea but, when you get finished you may want to check out FreeBSD.

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    i suppose redhat and freebsd are similiar, but redhat is the mainstream at this moment.

    Another question is it's very expensive for individuals to study the full RHCE course, i've been reading related books for a while and found RHCE is very basic, and i should be able to cope the exam without school studying. Any personals have already got the cert by study at your own? any experience to share?And i've heard RHCE 2, it's more concentrate on server admin, any recommanded books?

    okay, in order to become a confident admin, i've to complete at least RHCE, this one should not be hard for me.

    And CISCO networking, they have CCNA/CCNP etc, which one to learn?

    what else?

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    RHCE and CCNA a good start
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    Originally posted by fuse1982
    i suppose redhat and freebsd are similiar, but redhat is the mainstream at this moment.

    RedHat and FreeBSD are not simliar. Just because something is mainstream(See Microsoft), doesn't mean it's better . Use what you feel most comfortable with, and have the most experience with.

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    I wouldn't say RHCE is very basic at all.. maybe you think of RHCT ? Actually a very large percentage of people who take the RHCE exams fail.. due to not being prepared at all due to assuming they already know it all since they have been running a web server for a while..

    The RHCE exams consist of practical, hands on tests.. you have to solve specific problems and not by reinstalling stuff.. which means you actually need to understand the system quite well..

    Have you tried the free online assessment tests that redhat provides? They may give a good indication of how well you understand linux..

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