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    Web design wanted

    Hello all,
    I am currently looking for a web designer for my website. I want the lowest possible price. I am willing to put a return link on EVERY page. I only need a design, no actual scripts or extra pages. Here is the url of my current site: If that somehow helps in pricing.

    Thanks for your help,
    MyFreeCounter Webmaster

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    Try one of the designs i use

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    Please put together something very basic, or post the URL to a site you have designed before. All I need is a basic template, I can modify it for the various pages on my site. The only specification: I need 5-7 links in the header/menu.


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    free counter site


    i hav put together something basic if your still looking for a designer

    i am very cheap as of yet i have no online websites but by summer i will have 4. the reason people are taking a while to put them online is due to domains, webspace and text input.

    i have just finished a project so i am fresh and ready.

    if your still interested in a web designer email me unreal_class --at--

    i will send you the templates or whatevers best
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