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    should i be running this instead of that ive got on our dedicated box?


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    god no!

    apache2 doesn't support anywhere near the same amount of stuff as 1.3.x. You'd be cutting your customers short with 2

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    Moved to teh technical forum as that's where techies hang out

    As far as apache 2 - why would you want to move to that version? If you can't answer the question, likely you don't need to.
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    Hi flatpooks,

    I've been running Apache 2 on one of my servers to evaluate it. The server is non-critical, so I've been able to play with it a little.

    I have noticed that their new method of forking processes does appear to reduce the overall load on the machine, and keeps the number of concurrent processes rather low. Apache 2 also has better mechanisms built in for performance tuning for fork'ed processes and child processes.

    But as DeltaAnime pointed out, all mods that you may be using under Apache 1.3 will not work under Apache 2. The internals are different and they are using a different API for plugins. So, unless the server mod was specifically developed for Apache 2 you won't be able to incorporate it (mod_throttle, for example, won't run with Apache 2). My business is service oriented and I don't do commercial hosting, so I don't have those kind of issues to worry about.

    I have PHP up and running, along with mySQL 4 and have not had any problems what so ever. On the other hand, Apache 2 is still considered to experimental, so you might want to take that into consideration when deciding whether to switch or not.


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    While I agree that some lesser modules may not have been ported to the 2.x API, 2.x is very stable. I'm in the process of upgrading my site to 2.x and have not had any problems with modules that are active. Additionally, on O/S's that know how to thread (i.e. not Linux) the worker module can drastically improve system usage.

    Lastly, from the Apache httpd site:
    The Apache 1.3 series is being actively maintained, but not actively developed. Releases will be made to address security issues, or after a comfortable number of bug fixes have been made. New features will more than likely not be added to 1.3 in preference to 2.0.

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