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    what's your top reason to go University?

    Can you help me brainstorm what is a good reason to go university?

    I couldn't think of a good reason at this moment...

    just for a better career?...

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    it depends on your career field. Would you pay $80 and hour to a shrink who did not go to college? Or do you want to find out your brain surgeon got his job by watching ER?

    A college education builds discipline and exposes a person to thoughts and ideas they would never have otherwise. That is why often people with degrees go into different fields but are still successful, it gives some people a palet of problem solving skills they would not have otherwise.
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    the only course i am able to apply is Bachelor of Real Estate. will there be a good future?

    I do not sure whether would education can expose a person's thoughts, i've been educated for the past 15 years, but how come my collegues still do not take me as an adult? sometimes they do call me "young brother" or "small boy"...

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    More Chics
    more booze.

    Universities are a great place to pick up chics. It is also great for getting involved with demonstation. Having parties getting drunk and chics.


    *Chics women .. female of the species.
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    because you are, intellectually...

    College is an easier way to secure your future and fulfill the pursuit of happiness. But it's not the only choice -- it's just hypocrisy to think that without college education, you are nothing, as most people do. Sure, with college you have greater probability to be better equipped for the challenges of the life. Yet there are ways you can prepare yourself, just remember that there are people always waiting to fill your spot if you can't.

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    Its basically useless. You go to school for 4-6 years and learn a little and then you get a job making 10 grand more a year. but now you have student loans that cut deep into that to pay back for many years to come.

    Basically only good if you are going for a specialized career.

    I went for 4 years and still cant spell

    Oh Yeah Thedoctor has a point. It is a great place for a social life.<-- Ask me about low cost dedicated servers

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    Well, my experience:

    I started Uni (Chemistry Degree) hoping to work in the future on the "investigation field". Ahahaha.... 5 years, great marks and so much fun but.... what am i doing now?? Working in the IT field as a system administrator. Can u understand this? I found impossible to find a job chemistry related with my degree under the arm but I had no problem when I start with comps....

    Uni is good for social side of life !!!!!!!!

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    Everybody have spent money and time to get admitted in the university, most people go there get their money back either by following the rules of happyyo or doctor, COOLASU

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    I'm going to go to university for the educational, qualification and social aspects. I'd say social is just as important as the educational aspect of it - also staying away from home is a great experience. My way of looking at it is that if you do have a degree in a useful field, it will give you more confidence, because of what you have learned, the experience you've had, etc.

    Of course, with science related degrees, it takes much more work than a 4 year degree. I have an uncle who does retinal surgery and to get the best qualifications it has taken him the better part of 15 years on and off. Things like being a doctor take a long time if you want to specialize.

    Either way University is worth it for the social aspect!
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