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    OSCommerce as a Billing Solution

    Since Open Source software is awesome, anyone considered using OSCommerce as a billing solution for hosting? It has a lot of user developed modules including one for recurring billing. Obviously it wouldn't be an out of the box setup like with MB but anyone tried it?
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    Yes, I used it for a site I sold a while back, it is very good and once complete I was very please with it.

    I will see if the site is still there and post the link.

    The only problem with OSCommerce is that it requires to be heavily modded so you need to know it inside out.

    Of course that was about 7 months ago, there be a lot more available now.

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    I use it. It is overkill as a hosting package selling option.
    Recurring/subscription billing is still not upto par although
    contributions exist.

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