I would like to offer my design services to the folks at WHT! I believe in high quality designs for good money! I want your customers/visitors to know that you spent money on your design. Everything now-a-days is about representation and display. I can offer to build you an attractive yet professional website for a good rate.

For stand alone Template Development (PSD template) I charge $175-225 , depending on the quality, creativity, as well as the specifications needed. In regards to formatting the HTML for the design, I ask $300 to complete the job. This is a good rate I like to work at, in which the buyer can expect quality work for their money. Many designers are underpriced these days which creates many problems.

For full website development, including multiple pages and variations in the template for each page, I charge $550+ .

I have very good turnaround times, and am punctual about completing the job.

Here are a list of programs I am fluid with:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Streamline
Adobe After Effects
Macromedia Dreamweaver
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Freehand

I am also skilled at hand drawing and can produce professional logos, mascots, clipart, animations and icons. I also can produce compelling 3d images. Just place your order

I hope this gives you a sense of what I can do as well as my pricing. When the client expects quality, I deliver.

My portfolio is located here:

The hosting templates are also for sale if you would like to make an offer.

Email me at rkem96[at], or post here with your contact information. Please no PM's...

Hopefully we can work something out,
Thank you,

Avalon Studios