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    Gamerz2k For Sale

    After over a year of work I have finally grown board of running a gaming site due to the lack of free time and interest I have decided to sell Gamerz2k.

    In selling Gamerz2k I would like the site to be developed further into what I could not develop it into.

    Below is a list of features you will get with the site when purchased.

    Some Intresting Facts:
    1. Gamerz2k was one of the first to use Vortex Portal and customize it.
    2. Gamerz2k has been around for over 3 years under 3 diffrent domain names:,, and
    3. Gamerz2k has been owned by 2 different people and has had 5 co-webmasters.

    Vortex Portal Backend
    Sleek & Sexy Design Domain Name Domain Name
    DB SQL Back-up
    Avg. 130 Unique Visitors before No Updates ;-)
    PSD for Layout

    Games: 215
    Articles: 137
    Cheats: 75 Games
    Reviews: 76

    If you still want hosting I can provide it still :-)

    We would like to sell to a buyer that would continue the legacy of course when the persons buys they can do as they please.

    So is now up for grabís so place some Bids :-).

    Also Just added I will be including my gamecube layout fully sliced :-)

    What You Get:
    + All Fonts
    + Full Rights
    + PSD's
    + The Layout is now coded!
    + Sexy Game Cube Layout!
    + Button To Go Along With Layout!
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    Current Bid: $600

    If you are intrested please PM me with your bid.

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    Wouldn't it be better if they posted their bid? That way potential buyers will know what the current bid is up to.

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    and of course let us know someone is actually bidding

    not that i am suggesting foul play takes place when bids take place via PM

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    I believe the bid is at $1,000 now.

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