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    Question Managing multiple servers via Helm

    How is it possible to manage mulitple servers using Helm?

    I have been e-mailing The Planet and as far as I can gather, they think that it is not possible!

    They say "Helm will not allow you to manage multiple servers, each additional server would need its own instance of Helm to manage your customers on it."

    Why then is there a section under Home > System Settings > Servers where you can add another server?

    Do you have to have helm on each server and login to it on each seperate server to manage the customers on it rather than one account to manage them all, even if they are networked?

    I know that this seems like a control panel issue but it is also to do with networking and managing dedicated servers (I also posted this in the control panel section but got no response ).

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    OK now a new topic in this topic..... sort of.

    I looked at the WHA website and looked at the liciencing fees for Helm, there was two types of helms. There was the "Control Server" licience which is for
    the server that has the central Helm application installed and where you and all your clients log into to administer their own accounts
    and then there is the "Remote Server" licience which is
    a licence that allows the control server to communicate and control another machine other than itself.
    If it is that easy, why did The Planet not know this and give me a load of garbage? .... probably so that i'd pay the extra $25 / month for the helm installation on each computer.

    But they should have known about this and if they do, why didn't they tell me this? Gawd

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    My guess is that The Planet only utilizes the Single Server licenses, which will not allow a distributed configuration.

    If they only have an agreement for Single Server licenses, their staff may honestly not even be aware of the other license options.

    I hope this helps.

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    The Planet only does single server licenses. They do not do the control server/remote server option. I inquired about whether they will offer this in the future and they really didn't even know whether they would or not. So, if you are waiting for them to start offering this license soon my guess is you will be waiting for a while at least.
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