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    Hosting Layout $125

    I am selling this hosting Template I made for $125.
    If you do decide to buy it I will also give you a second layout.
    If you are interested send a pm or post in this thread. You can try catching me on aim at oFLiP SoRRyo

    Happy buying
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    Nice layouts

    I have used +HiGh^ before to slice a complex layout and he did a quick and excellent job

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    Thanks For The Kind Words Wolf
    Since I couldn't edit my first post to say everything you get here it is.

    You get 3 psd's one for the the hosting layout and the other two for the second layout. (The Inverted and not inverted)

    You get exclusive rights to each template. They will not be resold.
    I will slice each layout for $15 each or I will do all 3 for $40.

    In the future I will help you with any problems you come across with the templates.

    To me this seems like a good deal 3 high quality templates for $125.

    Contact me If Interested.
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    Ok since no buyers I'll lower the price to 75$$ for all 3 100$$ for all 3 sliced and coded. If you wan't it post in this thread!

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