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    42 Domain & Site Appraisal Please

    I own..

    It is a Web Based MMORPG with decent traffic. If I was going to attempt to sell the domain and the game, what do you think I could get for it?


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    Nice site, I dont know much about games but the main consideration here is, where does the game come from? If for example I purchased it would I be able to add new features to the game and build on it for the future without coding skills? or do you need to more about coding?

    The reason I ask is that you will get more for it if it can be administered by a non coder type of person.

    as it stands I would suggest a price of between $1000 - $1500

    It has decent traffic over 650 members, so its worth it.

    As with all these things, you can get more from the right person.

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    I am in the process of adding admin features, but as it stands now there is not much you can do without Php/MySql knowledge.

    The game is pretty advanced so far, and has lots of user-to-user features.

    Thanks for the information.


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