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    Question oscommerce with Paypal

    Hello. I am researching on setting up my business website.
    It will be a small home based business.
    I've now read a lot of posts on here, and have checked out oscommerce as a shopping cart and I was wondering, as I will be using a 3rd party like paypal and hyperwallet for my customers to use, how does the shopping cart oscommerce work with paypal?
    Does paypal just send an invoice with total somehow from the shopping cart?

    I don't want to use a paypal cart because I want to have hyperwallet as an option for payment.

    Thank you for any info.

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    Hi Aquakitty,

    osCommerce will transfer the appropriate transaction data to Paypal (or other processor) - your customer will then have to fill out the Paypal and make the appropriate payment...

    If possible, I would recommed getting your own merchant account, as the checkout process is much smoother and your cart abandonment rate will decrease - however, the initial costs of a merchant account can be higher - so, you will need to decide which one is a better fit for your requirements/budget...

    Hope this helps...

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    Thanks Ive looked into merchant accounts but for the size of this business its not viable at this time, Id like to test waters first.

    One other question that I am having difficulty with is SSL.
    When would a site need this?

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    An SSL is used to create a secure page when collecting personal information on the internet.

    So, you may not need it with osCommerce if you're going to be using a 3rd party payment processor...

    Ask your host to install the checkout without creating an account mod. This will allow all personla info to be collected on the Paypal site (which will be encrypted).

    Ideally, you would still want one for your osC shop, but I think you can probably get away without one if you set it up correctly. The most important thing to remember is to try and protect peoples personal information...

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