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    Question Are $6.95 enom accounts for real?

    I occasionally see discussion of folks 'selling' $6.95 enom accounts. Are these legit? What does enom think of this?

    I would like to hear of anyone who has successfully (or UNsuccessfully) purchased such an account. The $6950 'offical' deposit is obviously a little hard to stomach.

    If there are any sellers out there, I'd like to hear from you too (post or private), but give me some comfort level if you don't mind. Sorry, it's my job to be paranoid ;-)

    Also, if anyone can think of a reason why this isn't such a hot idea, please clue me in.


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    I have heard of many successful transactions of them. I am pretty sure it says somewhere in there TOS that it is not allowed though. I've also heard rumors that if anyone transfer the account to another name the account will automatically be set to $8.95 again. I was thinking of buying one just awhile ago but after all of the incidents and all of the risks I decided not to.
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    it is for real, the only risk that they might raise your pricing in the future (the parent reseller)
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    It is not in their TOS... Come on, hundreds (if not thousands) of $6.95 accounts were sold so far, do you think if this were not allowed by enom, could this even happen?
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    enom put a stop to the creation of sub-895 accounts due to the amount of fraud and problems reported by sub-account holders complaining their prices were hiked.

    but yes, the 6.95 accounts are real, and *mostly* follow the standard enom pricing schedule

    just make sure that you check it carefully for pricing mismatches, watch out for price hikes, particularly on the ccTLDS's etc.

    always find out who the ETP is and only deal with a reputable ETP - someone like zoli can be trusted in my experience.

    There are a *lot* of scams involving them (as you woudl expect - peopel are greedy expecting to get something for 500$ rather than depositing 7k, and that greed can be exploited), many of those i've seen on ebay are scams

    There are a few "alternative" methods to get cheap domains including cliaming rebates, buy 7 get 1 free systems etc, but nothing beats having a real enom a/c

    Whether you need one or not entirely depends on how many domains you *really* will register, and how in control you feel you need to be. Why pay $300 to get domains @ 695 when you only register 100 of them - you're better off with a free 895 account ... I know several "hosts" with them - one has a total of 31 domains in their enom a/c - total waste of the 370$ they paid for the account !

    we just bought an extra one for a specific project which we wanted to keep separate from our ETP a/c - look in the offers and request forum if you need one - a couple of minor "glitches" with it still to sort out, but because it's from a responsible ETP we're sure they can be resolved

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    Originally posted by zoli
    It is not in their TOS... Come on, hundreds (if not thousands) of $6.95 accounts were sold so far, do you think if this were not allowed by enom, could this even happen?
    I have not read the TOS but I did speak to my Sales Rep at eNom. Yes they know that these accounts get sold and resold. According to what I was told, anything less than a $8.95 reseller account should not be transferred or created by any ETP. The creation of accounts is within eNom's control but the reselling of $6.95, $7.95 and others are not.

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    There are a few legitimate ones on EBay.
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    InfexionKen - What I stated is what I was told but I forgot to mention that my sales rep also said that right now they don't plan on cancelling all those accounts.

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