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    Color laser printer (budget)

    Iam looking for a color laser printer.

    I read a few reviews, but there just aren't many good ones. So maybe you guys have some personal experience with one of the following or any other low budget color laser printer.

    - Konica Minolta MAGICOLOR 2300W
    - Epson ACULASER C900N
    - HP Color LaserJet 1500

    Reason why i take the step from inkjet to laser is because of the costs per page and because laser text is so mutch sharper. The color is just and extra i need.
    Print quality and toner costs are most important to me, i don't really care about speeds.

    For photolike prints i use the local photographprinter or an a3 inkjet, cause am not able to afford a a3 color laser that prints in photoquality.

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    Konica Minolta MAGICOLOR 2300W

    Very nice machine. Produces very high quality output, and it's reasonably priced.

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    HP color laserjet 1500


    all i have is the QuickShop Code.. you have to go to and enter it.. (this is in an ad from hp)



    Yeah, how about i fully read before I post? I didnt see that you had the 1500 on there... but it looks like a heck of a deal for a color laser printer.. other than the fact that its only 600x600 dpi... but if you are just using it for text.. then should be fine eh?
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    I know where i want to buy the printer, just not what one yet. The 1500 is 475 incl tax + shipping there, but they have everything (for the benelux though).

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    Do you really need to print in color? You're going to pay a lot to do that, both in buying a printer and buying toner.
    A black and white laser is a lot cheaper to buy and to operate. I bought a great refurbed Okidata LED printer that will run for 6 mos on a $30 toner cartridge.
    Look at what you print and see if you really need color for everything. I've got a couple of color inkjets I use when I really do need color to show something to a client.
    Stick with Okidata and HP for the lasers. They're pretty bulletproof.
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