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    Running a small hosting business


    I own a LAN with a few computers + a DSL modem. What I am trying to do is set up a server on one of the computers with Internal LAN IP let's say "" and then make the server available to the Internet.

    Anyone could access the above server WITHIN the LAN by simply connecting thru HTTP:// = Server's Localhost, but the major question is how can I project its contents to the entire world thru the Internet.

    In other words what is the address for someone to type in order to "get into" my LAN and root to my server?

    Please suggest a solution.

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    Go to , this should provide you with your internet IP address.

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    You may try , and their are several other services. they give a program that will broadcast your ip to theri dns servers. Requires a domain though or you may use one of your one. Note if you use a router you may need to use port forwarding. Also chk with your ISP about their rules for running server services.

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    Ok , its not worth doing a small web hosting thingy on some home servers or computers.

    Because what if the power goes out?

    What if your DSL is not reliable?

    Is your DSL fast enough?

    Also , will users have a control panel?

    Its worth getting a dedicated server from or and getting a cpanel....

    Or get one of those machines colo'd at a local datacenter for around 100 dollars.

    I think you need to look at the web hosting industry a bit more....

    and by looking at your post i don't think you should be running a web hosting business.


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    I bet you could get some takers if you promised unlimited bandwidth


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    You Need a router

    To my understanding 192.168.*.* is reserve for internal perpose ONLY and cannot be view by the outside world.

    You will need a WAN/LAN Hub(router) to tie that to a static IP(WAN) from your ISP.

    There are some cheap router that can used to do it with.

    aDSL Host is great way for you somegrunger to learn to managed / maintain a web server.

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    Arrow my modem is the rooter!

    My modem has a rooter built in. I know what my IP is but thats the IP of the modem if you really think about it How do I set up IP forwarding or tie an external ISP IP with an Internal LAN IP??? As to the folks said that my DSL is not worth of a hosting biz probably due to slow uploading I never said I am going to need any customers lol. I am doing this to learn how things work


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    Originally posted by InfexionKen
    If you got any customers, dont tell them you host out of your house..........
    Then what do you suggest - that he mislead them instead?

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    Depending on who makes your router the setup differs. You need to search for something called: "Portforwarding", "NAT Passthrough", "External Services". This will allow you to map TCP port 80 to your webservers private LAN IP address.

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    A BRouter is what you need

    A BRouter is what you need, with (NAT) Network Address Translation Features. It will interfaces a Local Area Network (LAN) and a Wide Area Network (WAN).

    A BRouter is basically It a Router with bridging function, An example of such device would be the 3com 812 ADSL Router.

    3com 812 ADSL Router is an old product and not supported, may even find it on ebay.

    Dynamically or Statically NAT.

    Dynamic NAT — Dynamically maps a public address from a pool of addresses to the private address of your workstation on your LAN.

    Static NAT— Statically maps a public address to the private address of your workstation on your LAN.

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    Your router can probably do this. You almost certainly have at least one external address. If that address is static, then you can find it and configure your router's NAT to work with it for port 80. However, as the other posters have pointed out, don't try to sell hosting on your home DSL line...

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    First thing I would say somegrunger, is to make sure your ISP is providing you with a permanent IP address. If it's a temporary one, then your server is not going to be too hot!

    Besides, remember DSL's upstream is way to slow to be running a server on.
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    Thanks for the great help. I will be investigating the NAT and port forwarding issues. About the small business hosting. I already said I am NOT planing to sell webhosting services thru my DSL line. That would suck. I am doing this to learn how things work.

    Thanks for your help

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    Another potential gotcha...

    Most NAT routers I've worked with will not allow you to access your local server via it's public IP address from inside the LAN, so to test you'll probably want to use an alternative dialup account.

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