ScriptWiz.com Advertising Available NOW!

We are offering advertising on ScriptWiz.com. In a short time we have become very popular with our script listings, free services (rankwhere.com, httpwhere.com, statswhere.com and more), free
programs and free custom scripts. Marketleap is over 4000 with over 3000 pages in Google. Many nice search engine listings with multiple top 10's. With more advertising planned, I know
this PR6 site will get even more popular.

What we have are two types of advertising slots available:

Exclusive Banner ad slot (1) - you will receive the one and only dead center 468x60 ad. No others will be put here except you.
Right now the StatsWhere.com ad is there. If you purchase this ad, the StatsWhere.com will be removed and your ad exclusively will be replaced. Cost is $199 per month.

ScriptWiz.com Connections (4) - You will notice an ScriptWiz.com Connections box on the top right. There will be 4 text areas with 3 lines allowed here. Price is $75 per month per text area.

ScriptWiz.com Featured (5) - You will notice a Scriptwiz.com featured box on the top left. There will be 5 text links allowed here. Price is $45 per month per link.

ScriptWiz.com Friends (?) - You will notice a Scriptwiz.com Friends box on the bottom right. There will be unlimited amount of text links and buttons allowed here. Price is $35 per month per text link and $45 per month per 88x31 button.

All subscribers to the above will have their link on all pages of ScriptWiz.com in that position.

This would be a wise investment for targeted web hosting and script companies. We actually have no web hosting links as of now.

Also we have 2 PR7 sites with 3500 and 13000 uniques per day available for text, button, tower, and banner ads available. email me at [email protected] for more details.

Please send email to [email protected] for space reservations. Spots do go quickly.

Thanks Kevin