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    Exclamation Need a Dedicated??

    I need the following

    1500 or + MHZ Processor
    512MB or + RAM
    20 GB Disk Space
    500GB Transfer

    I would love a low price and allows adult web pages. (dont say most allow them because they dont I have checked)

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    I know that Server Matrix can give you these features easily, they also allow adult web pages as long as it's legal.

    Do a search on "adult" to find other posts regarding this issue.

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    20 gb's disk space? or did you mean 200?

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    I think he meant 20GB's because 200GB of content would pull a whole lot more than 500GB of transfer.

    Servermatrix is good if you know how to manage a server and/or are willing to endure the learning curve and continuing education. Their managed services are pricey and IMHO not worth it.

    Originally posted by X-Gaming
    20 gb's disk space? or did you mean 200?

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