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    Question Software Rendering for DirectX

    Does anyone know if there is any kind of "wrapper" for DirectX games which will let them think there is a 3D card installed (and the wrapper will use a software renderer instead?)

    I'm asking this because I would like to play a game which isn't very graphics-intensive, but requires a 3d card to play (and offers no software renderer)

    In this machine there is no 3D card, although the processor is more than capable of taking on the load of the graphics work.

    Anyone know how? Or a way to force DirectX to run in software mode.

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    There are two types of layers in DirectX. Hardware abstraction layer (HAL) and Hardware Emulation layer (HEL). Usually the software itself finds whether it can use HEL in case of absence of the capable hardware. I am afraid you can't use that game without the required 3D card.

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