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    Im sure i saw these somewhere before, are you sure your allowed to resell them ?

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    Those are the famous stolen TemplateMonster templates that have been going around on the web for a long time, ever since somebody sold them on ebay. There have been lots of threads here at WHT lately with people offering them for free download. They are stolen though, and while offering them for free may be innocent enough if the person/site is unaware of the facts, nobody has resell rights unless they are a TM affiliate, and therefore nobody can grant resell rights to others, except of course.

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    That's right I bought it on Ebay, you can check it now type templates and you ll find hundred s everyday, it says resell rights, not only on Ebay but establich websites too. So if really I don't have resell rights and others too, Why Ebay staff don't quit them posting these auctions ?

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    I don't know where it comes from (I m surprise that Gen T said Stolen TemplateMonster templates) Why don't they send people selling it any notice against selling their templates with resell right? If someone has any serious informations on it so I need to know if I have to remove or not from my website Post it Here !

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    Here is a Ebaystore Powerseller "eCommerce Guru" (one from hundreds) selling these templates by hundreds. I sent him an Email to ask if he really can sell it with resell rights. Waiting for his answer.

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    steveteva, it's not your fault. Hundreds of people have bought them too. The administrators here at WHT know more about it than I do. Apparently these have been so widely distributed, that TM has given up hope of stopping it. It's just spread too far.

    Again though, we know you are innocent, and bought the package in good faith with good intentions. It's a real shame that so many people have been victims.

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    Here is another recent example of these templates in circulation, where one of the administrators closed the thread. There are dozens of other examples.

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