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Thread: FS: 40gb hdd

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    FS: 40gb hdd

    Hi i didnt really know where to put this but if this is the wrong place lmk.....

    Anyway my hdd went plump last week so i rma'd it and got a new one that is still in the anti static bag from maxtor its a 40gb 7200rpm im asking $40 shipped paypal only

    Im sorry again if this is the wrong forum.

    Please email me for more info cella330 @

    i have some refs under beerology

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    It is the wrong forum. This belongs in "Other Offers and Requests".

    If you knew it was the wrong forum, why post it?
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    i see this
    Other Offers and Requests
    This forum is intended for the posting of web hosting related services and products and for participants to request quotes and offers on related services.

    so i didnt really think it would go there

    but if it does could the admin please move it

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    It's a hard drive - you could use it on a server


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    Yea thats true didnt even think of it like that :-/

    Oh yea thanks

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    So that 40$ includes shipping? to any US state?

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    yes shipped to the lower 48 states

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    SOLD... I will take it. PM me and let me know how to pay you.

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    Originally posted by kickmybutt
    SOLD... I will take it. PM me and let me know how to pay you.
    pm sent

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    Its been a couple of months since this deal started with cella330, and I just wanted to let everyone know that this guy ripped me off. I sent him the $40 for the hard drive and all he sent me was email after email promising the hard drive. I managed to get his PayPal account closed though!

    He offered to send a refund via a money order but he has not done that.

    So... if he offers you anything for sale, BEWARE! HE IS A CROOK!

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