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    Looking for $400/month anyone know of any jobs online?

    Hi all, I wondering if anyone has a postion available online where I could make an extra 400/month. I have a experience with a lot of areas, such as programming, hardware, and all versions of windows. Anyone have any jobs out there? I am patient and willing to work hard, but if anyone can help out or let me know of some online jobs I would be interested! Thanks!

    You can PM me or contact me via aim @ dpro1979

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    Any links to work you've done? People love to see what you've done.

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    Well most of the stuff I have done is either NDA protected (working for a startup) or is login protected (programming I have done for the University of Washington) so not a lot of links there, I have some personal projects I've created, such as a PERL-based neverwinter nights server monitor, but the major stuff I have done is not publicy accessible. Up until recently I was the intern system admin at a medium size company helping with win 2k server administration on about 20 win2k boxes. I have a resume you can look at My Resume

    So thats explains what I can do.

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