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Thread: UK or European?

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    Question UK or European?

    Do you think that if getting a UK server the extra is worth it for a lower ping? or, do you think that it would be better to use a european company to get a slightly higher ping for less?

    What do you think? Also any reccomendations on a north european server provider?

    Thanks alot.

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    Depends on what is important to you, what you want from the service provision.

    I would tend to think less about ping/latency/RTT/bandwidth and think more about service quality as a whole.

    You can get some very high bandwidth hosting for reasonable prices on mainland Europe, but I've also read bad things (here) about the network reliability of some of those providers.
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    to be honest I would go within europe you get so much more for your money, ping from a quality eu provider is usally an extra 20ms at the most, I get under 30ms to

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