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    problem- & Midphase. help

    I bought a german domain from

    Then I tried to change the nameservers to ones in britain, but this failed. explained because the nameservers did not meet german rules. fine.

    I signed up for midphase hosting. Midphase did seem to support german domains, i checked on

    However, after TWO faxes of midphases nameserver details & 1 charge of 10 euro for a successful change of nameserver, United domains have still not changed the nameservers

    United-Domains say it is the problem of Midphase, Midphase say their nameservers work fine with .de domains and I am pissed off because this domain is 1 month old and I STILL cannot use it.

    this costs me money through faxes, charges for host, charges for domain and charges for nameserver changes that do not complete.

    how do I resolve this? are total cowboys? which german authority can i complain to about this?

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    Re: problem- & Midphase. help

    Many country level domain names require that the DNS be operational before they allow you to switch to those sytems.

    Is you domain configured already?


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    Yes, the new nameservers must be set up correctly before switching to the new ns.

    Also, ns2 needs to be on a different class c net (which some hosts don't offer).

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    Here is a quote from denic's homepage:

    " Connectivity with name server entries

    At least two name servers (but no more than five) must be indicated and these must always be accessible on redundant paths. When a domain is first registered, DENIC checks whether at least one of the first three bytes of the IP address of at least one of the name servers differs from those of the others indicated."

    You can get more information here:

    Hope, that helps.

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    yes, it is operational, and i ran the denic requirements past midphase support again tonight, and they told me they are 100% compliant.

    i suspect that united-domains are playing any trick here. their price structure is a cheap domain, then when you want to alter the details, change a nameserver, etc, you pay the same price+ you paid for the registration of the domain!

    like i said, united domains already had 2 stabs at changing this with the midphase details, and they already charged me for 'changing the nameserver' but have yet to do that. so is it a charge for each failed attempt? that could work out to be quite a lucrative business for them

    i sent one more mail, so i will wait to see if they can finally do this or if they chose to refund. otherwise i complain to denic, already wasted enough of my time on this crappy company

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