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    setting private NameServers in WHM

    hi i have little problem with setting my own nameservers in WHM. all ns1 and ns2 i have created and assigned in my registrar
    Now i don`t know what to do in WHM, can anybody explain me how can i set this ns1 and ns2 to use it on other domains?
    All my nameservers are assigned to my main domain, and i have reseller account, also i have 2xIP adresses.

    Please help me. Thanks

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    if you are on a reseller account, click add dns zone and add the nameserver urls to each IP. I think that will work.

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    thanks but i think that will not work, i don`t know how can i change it

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    If you are using a reseller account and it's putting new accounts onto nameservers other than your own, you need to contact your host, they should be fixing this for you.

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    thanks, i will contact ASAP, because i do not know how to do it at my own

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    its a pretyy comples proccess, if you have no clue how dns works i suggest just contacting your host & getting their help, however if that doesn't work out, pm & i'll be glad to give you step by step details

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    If you are a reseller, it's best to ask your Host to do it for you as messing up your Reseller DNS can cause some problems, as all clients of your's will be using your nameservers to resolve to the server so if your DNS is not set will show the Host's nameservers and you wouldn't want that to happen.

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