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    Max threads in SQL?

    Hey guys,

    What would you recommend the max active threads for a mySQL server running on a P4 2.8ghz, 512mb, be?

    We seem to have had a lot of problems since putting a new forum on this server. It has an average of about 30-35 users online at a time. Is this too much? I would have expected it to handle a lot more than this. It is a football (soccer) team, so maybe it's being ddos'ed

    Anyone have any experience with large forums/mySQL.

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    Well, it doesn't really matter how many threads you have in MySQl, just how large, and number of users on at 1 time, and for how long. A lot of other things come into factor. Apache, PHP, etc..
    Do you have GZIP Enabled?(It shouldn't)
    What other software is on the server PHP, Perl, etc...(Too many can slow down Apache.)

    Anyway, just keep checking the Server Load/CPU use.
    But it should be able to handle it fine. - Host on Cloudrck
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