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    MS FrontPage Help


    I have a client who is using Microsoft FrontPage 2000 to publish his website.

    Here's what he is doing to connect to do the live updates:

    1. Opens FrontPage
    2. Go to File->Open Web
    3. In the "Folder Name" field, he enters his domain name:

    Click on Open

    Once he clicks open, he receives the following error:

    "The folder *_domain name_* is not an accessible volume or is protected with a password."

    Any suggestions on what he's doing wrong? For the life of me, I can't figure this one out.

    Thank you for your assistance!

    Rick Hall

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    The Front Page extensions need to be activated on the server that the site sits on. That is, if the server even offers those extensions. Contact the server administrator to see if they are loaded, good luck.

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    Server extensions are installed. Any other ideas?

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    Can he publish to this website? Server extensions might need to be re-installed.

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    I am going to reinstall and see what happens. Publishing isn't a problem at all. Just doing the live web is the tricky one...

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