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    Smile Need A PSD Converting Into A PHPNuke Theme

    Hey all

    Ok, so the job is simple, well i hope its simple i don't know 'cause i can't skin nuke, but anyway what i need is for someone to turn this layout into a full php nuke theme. As for the icons, if you jus leave them as the default NukeIcons i will change them myself once i get round to making them :p

    Now, sadly i cant afford to pay you cash for this HOWEVER i am willing to part with 4 web layouts, PSD's included with full reseller rights if you want them

    Please, if you are interested in taking this on then contact me as soon as you can either through PM, E-mail, IM (see below) or simply leave a reply here



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    MSN = [email protected]
    AIM = bazzelrooy
    ICQ = 196414579

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    anybody? . . . . im desperate

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    Its a bigger job than you think. It would most probably cost you a nice amount of money.

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    i found someone who will do it for free - thxz to all the ppl who contacted me

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