I'm looking for a support job that will keep me busy, as the last job I was on maybe had one ticket a week.

Pay is very flexable, I like to get a straight wage, but I know that thats not always possible. I would like to keep my per ticket cost around $.20 Cents, as that is a very fair price. I'm located just outside of Chicago, Illinois. (GMT -6) And I can work any shift really...If your looking for a 24 hour solution, I've got reputable friends. Anyway, here's my resume`

Resume: Josh Mills
To Obtain a career in the information technology field, where I may express my creativity through the art of web design, and the technicality of system administration objective.

2000/2002 NodeHosting Webservices Kansas City, MO
technical support director/ server administrtor
Developed custom ticket system backend with other staff
Re-designed company web site, to provide a more dynamic presentation to the public
Troubleshooted company servers to patch security holes.
Led team of 5 technical support team members for Windows 2000 and Redhat Systems experience

2002/Present HostIndustry.Net Des Plaines, IL
Webmaster / Head Developer
Developing a "Webhost Resource" Somewhere where webhosts can come and get their questions answered
Managed website which transferred over 40GB of data during November of 2002 .

2003 AzureHost London, England
Technical Support
Supporting customers, troubleshooting many problems steming from Apache Httpd Server
Managed high volume of tickets
Achieved aspiration from peers

2002/Present Maine West Highschool Des Plaines, Illinois
Completing Highschool Education
Currently working internship with school network technicians. Involves PC repair, network troubleshooting.

2002 Harper College Wheeling, Illinois
Studied wide variety of subjects including Networking, Hardware, HTML 4.0, Linux, Windows 2000, FreeBSD
Obtained Straight A's for entire enrollment period

2002 Linux+ Certified

2002 A+ Certified


Anyway, if you have something, please email me, [email protected]