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    * 2 Server running question? HELP!!

    Hi Everyone,

    My company will move soon, but all the employee cannot move into the new location at the same day. And now I got a New server, My boss planning to put the new server into a new location. At the same time, My boss want me to Maintain both server. That's not the problem. The problem is After every employee move to new Location, how can I maintain the data at both server. Or do you guy have any suggestion or plan how to do this move?

    Thank you!

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    what type of connection you have between old location and new location?

    and is it some thing that work 24/7 or day time only?

    plus crnc questions pls.
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    Originally posted by crnc
    replication would be the obvious answer, but you should really provide more details as to what kind of "server" it will be. Mail server, web server, file server, print server, etc.

    the old server is using SBS 4.5 and the new server will using SBS 2003..It only a file server. It will contain Exchange server as well....but how to maintain all the data from old server to new server afterward because i may need both server running at the same time.....

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    both location will use roger high speed internet connection. and it will 24/7 server

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    any chance you can move the new server to the new location and the old location can access via internet??

    i mean transfering all the data to one server and use it from one location.
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