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    facing downtimes on Interland, any one facing the same?

    Dear All,
    Q1 :I am a web consultant based in India with clients in UK.

    We have 3 servers with interland. Recently we have been facing lot of downtimes and packet loss issues.

    We have had the servers down for half an hour on saturday evening between 6:15 pm IST (IST = GMT + 5:30) and facing a lot of downtimes in between.

    We also face a lot of issues on speed at many a times. This has been happening consistently and simultanously when tested from India, UK and Canada and

    Thier support claims everything is OK from calfornia.! phew!

    I want to know if anyone from UK or any other country has servers with interland or if anyone is facing similar issues with interland hosting. Is their support pretending to know nothing?

    Any replies will be appreciated.


    manoj oswal

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    Also i wanted to know...

    Is it OK having servers in US for customers in UK. Is it really nessecary to buy servers from UK for UK based customers.
    What are the disadvantages, are they very serious?

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    Hi, Mjoswal,

    Firstly, I would recommend that you reconsider your current hosting provider. Interland / Dialtone had notoriously poor support, and is still the target of relevant and legitimate attacks due to its well-meaning, but largely incompetent network administrative staff.

    Secondly, there are few disadvantages to having a server in the United States, and I would not say that it is necessary to buy servers from the UK for UK customers. In fact, US networks outperform UK networks by a margin of 3-to-1, and outperform European networks by a margin of 10-to-1 (Source: PC World, March 2004, "Hosting Analysis: Uptime".)

    Hope this helps,

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    It depends on what kind of service you are offering for UK customers. If you are offering game servers would it because of ping and latency be best with server located in the UK, but if you are offering hosting and mail services for personal websites and small businesses would servers located in the US be a good solution, since you in most cases could save money because servers located in the US in general compared to UK servers are cheaper.

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