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    place vbulletin in table cell

    how would one go about putting a vbulletin forum inside a table cell, i know in invision i would simply go into the board wrapper and edit the html in there, someone said it was through the header and footer templates in vbulletin?

    here is what templates i have for vbulletin:

    ### header

    $imagesfolder = "images/blue";
    $imgemail = "$imagesfolder/email.gif";
    $imgprofile = "$imagesfolder/profile.gif";
    $imghome = "$imagesfolder/home.gif";
    $imgfind = "$imagesfolder/find.gif";
    $imgedit = "$imagesfolder/edit.gif";
    $imgquote = "$imagesfolder/quote.gif";
    $imgpm = "$imagesfolder/sendpm.gif";
    $imgbuddy = "$imagesfolder/buddy.gif";
    $imgip = "$imagesfolder/ip.gif";

    $ordering = "rallydisplayorder";
    $bburl = "";

    $header = "";

    $foot = "
    <hr width=80%>

    <font size=1 color=#000000 face=arial>
    This web site is Copyright to <A
    HREF=MAILTO:[email protected]>
    doamin owner</A>, please ask before using any of the information on
    this web site!


    ### main body

    $bbtitle=" Forum";
    $bodytag = 'text="#000000" link="#000080" alink="#000080"
    vlink="#000080" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"';



    $footlink = '<center><font face="arial,helvetica"><b><a

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    As far as I can see there is no such thing to put into the template, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

    Now for some questions...
    Why do you want the forum to be placed inside a tablecell in the firts place?
    Do you have a link to the site/page where you want to put the forum?
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