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    Windows based dedicated server

    Hi all,

    I want to know if anyone has a good experience with his windows based dedicated server host. I'm looking for anything close to this configuration:

    CPU 1.3ghz or more, Intel prefered but any brand will do
    Ram 512meg or more
    HD 60gig or more
    MUST HAVE: Terminal Services, total control over the server.

    Monthly Price should be below 80 bucks a month with the same for setup (or no setup of course ).

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    one u looking for

    hi superflu,

    i have the good experience in windows based dedicated server. explain briefly what u want ?

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    I have this application I developed, written in ColdFusion and Remote Flash. It needs to sit on a windows based server.

    Since im doing alot of I/O operations, both on disk and DB, I need a decent amount of RAM and total control over the server. Since I lack any knowledge in Linux (nor the will to sit and learn something that was born out of UNIX) I want a windows based solution.

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    462 do have some cheap Windows servers.

  6. #6 and dont even ask more about it with SM you will be in a good place with what you are looking for
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