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    Modernbill+LIVE support?

    HEy i have modernbill and so far its great, the only down side is i want the support desk to be a little more...featured. For example haveing the abaility to use Live Chat and Email Piping and possible Forums support ....where in the forums it would generate a support ID and then place this in Modernbill suppoort desk, etc.

    If these features where added we would have a great program, does anyone know how to do this or a module i can buy that will do it?

    any ideas AT ALL would be great.


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    I would personally log into the MB members area and post what you just posted here there. Their programers constaly view the forums and might be willing to help you that or maybe on the users has coded something similar to this already. But I guess that would be the best place to start IMO.
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