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    Thumbs up cPanel Clients for Sale ($1835.90 Yearly Income)

    We have 24 clients on a Redhat 9.0 server running cPanel/WHM for sale. Most of these clients have been with us for more than 3 months, and generally, very few of our clients leave.

    In addition, it is worth noting that these clients generally buy plans far above their requirements. All of these clients put together only account for 6GB Bandwidth per month! This means that buying these clients can prove to be a profitable venture due to the very low costs.


    M1: 50MB/2GB $3.95/$39.50
    M2: 100MB/4GB $5.95/$59.50
    M3: 300MB/10GB: $9.95/$99.50
    M4: 1GB/25GB $19.95/$199.50

    R1 Reseller: 2GB/20GB $19.95/$199.50


    M1: 7x $3.95
    M2: 2x $5.95
    M4: 1x $19.95
    R1: 1x $19.95


    M1: 8x $39.50
    M2: 4x $59.50
    M3: 1x $99.50
    R1: 1x $199.50
    Custom: 1x $29.50

    Total Earnings per year: $1835.90

    The minimum bid for this sale is $400. Buy-out price has been set at $1000.

    All clients pay through PayPal subscriptions, except two paying through checks.

    NOTE: For further convenience, we are also willing to sell our server inclusive with the clients. If you are interested in buying the server (in top condition) alongwith the clients, please PM/e-mail me at subhadip[at]

    Please PM/e-mail your bids, or add a reply to this thread.

    Thank You.

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    can you contact my trough msn?

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    Yes, sure can. The only problem is that I do not have your MSN address.

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    Question question

    still avail?

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    Please email me at webmaster [at] with more information

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    Yes, it is still available. Please send in your bids if interested. This is about all information available. If you have any questions, please do e-mail me at .

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    im intrested you got aim or msn?

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    I am going offline soon, and won't be back in the next few hours. Just in case, my MSN is subhadipsenatmsn.

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    Would you want the customers to keep current plans or can they be converted to our plans? (our plans would offer more for the money to the customer so it would be good for the customer aswell).
    Alex Melen
    █ Co-CEO at Melen, LLC (dba SmartSites)
    █ Founder of T35 Hosting (established 1997)

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    So approx $78 a month and hope that the yearly clients renew?

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    basically, yeah...

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    is it still available?

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