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    How i can set the following verification method ?

    I want to implement a credit card verification process using the same procedure as paypal use for "verified customers"
    In detail :

    Verified Customers
    Paypal charge a minimum amount of 1$ or more (i don't remember exactly) and at the merchant name puts a random number
    like paypal-23423
    The original card owner when he receives the credit card statement he sees this number, return to paypal and verify his account by putting this number to a special field

    Another approach is to charge a random number from 1.00 to 5.00 USD and use it as a security feature but people outside US receive bank statement with their local currency, meaning that a man in Germany for example will see a Euro value because his bank will convert automatically the 4,56$ for example to Euro

    I know paypal is a big player and can set the terms of the game but is there any cc solution provider who can work the way i mentioned above ?
    We have one merchant account already in our local bank and one with
    Our local bank use ProxyPay3 which has the feature of "3-D secure" but not enabled
    2checkout has a field in the administrative panel to put your name but this must be done manually and i believe there are other issues that don't work quite well
    I emailed some of the cc companies we know in this board , i didn't receive a reply from them yet

    What we can do or what you suggest ?
    Any ideas about this or similar ways to achive this task ?


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    Well... if I recall, I don't think that PayPal charges a customer on their card but rather deposits two small amounts into their bank account. (like on the order of $0.01, $0.08, that kind of thing)

    And hey, it's a great deal. You even get to keep the spare change.

    You could of course implement something similar to that by setting up a direct deposit relationship where you can send an ACH file list and have a direct deposit processor fund out the next day with various credits to accounts that you want to verify.

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    Originally posted by cdgcommerce
    [B]Well... if I recall, I don't think that PayPal charges a customer on their card but rather deposits two small amounts into their bank account. (like on the order of $0.01, $0.08, that kind of thing)
    I signed up for an account few weeks back Paypal charged me $1.95- $2 (not pretty sure, as cc was charged in my home currency)

    Later they asked me to look in to my statement for a 3 digit code and asked me to update it in the admin area to increase the transferring limit.

    2co also follows a similar procedure i guess!

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    cdgcommerce : the process works exactly as nish described above
    paypal do charge a small amount that only the valid credit card holder can see because he is the only one who gets the cc bank statement

    There is no another way to contact the real cc owner
    If you call the bank to check if the information you have is correct may tell or not , they are not forced to tell and it also depends on the laws of different countries

    What i search is a merchant account who can do it like paypal. There must be some flexibility and understanding that this is good to be implemented and not a useless feature

    Also for the update of the topic , now that i got two replies :
    1. worldpay can't do it
    2. paysystems don't accept paypal clones

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    update : can't do it either

    However don't you find it logical ?
    It's a good security feature and i believe it will be beneficial

    Any suggestions , sources i can ask more about this ?

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    We do an account verification process with new accounts.

    A special soft descriptor with random numbers before the *2CO (recorded at signup)

    Prior to receiving payment from us, the Vendor must verify their account with this #.

    If they do not show the Soft Descriptor, they have to fax the CC statement showing the charge.

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