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  1. SMTP Virus Scanning Software

    Can any one suggest what would be cost effective but reasonably good SMTP virus scanning software? I found one appeared good (Vexira) but costing USD 3900. I am looking at one tenth of it's cost or even for less.

    I have become mad to listen to the customers call to remove all the virus at the SMTP gateway.

    I am looking for low cost solutions to supposrt all the domains.

    I am using sendmail as MTA.
    60 domains hosted in the mailserver in a Linux Fedora server.

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    Mailscanner + ClamAV if you can spare the CPU time.

  3. I have Spamassassin installed. Will it help to remove some virus/unwanted attachment?

    Is it a must to install Mailscanner for installing ClamAV ?

    where can I get the source ? is it free ?

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    Clam AV

    Also you can add multiple layers of scanning with MailScanner.

    kaspersky (Another AV Scanner) Not OpenSource
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