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    Webmail on dedicated

    Hello all
    For a Xeon Cpanel dedicated server please give some recommendation.

    The server will have 10000 mail accounts and one single site.

    1. Most of the users will be using Web mail interface to check mails. Which of the three Horde, Squirrel, Neomail is best?

    2. Out of the above three which is best suited for handling such a large number of mail accounts?

    3. I have used Squirrelmail till now. It has one problem. When a mail box is full, it does not allow deletion of mails in the Inbox. Do the other two have similar problem?

    4. Lastly is it possible to customise the Horde interface like it can be done in Squirrelmail?

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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    it really depends on your liking, i say you should give your customers the option of all three, but thats just my opinion

    however, i have a lot of experience with horde & i do reccomend it over squirrel mail. I dont know about neo mail, never tried it...

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    Neomail is much simpler than Horde. Of the three I would go for Horde, hands down. No idea about tweeking the interface though...

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