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    203 experiences?

    Hi-I was thinking on buying a dedicated server through , but before I buy I thought id check with you guys about their speed, if they have finally become reliable (I know they once were unstable) etc.

    Thanks GUys-Alex

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    Here are there some recently threads about the network:

    There does not seem to any problems with the speed on their network, the speed tests I have made have been fine.
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    Has anybody used them?

    Is there tech support/uptime good?

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    I've got a managed box via Tomsyer, this seems to be fine (I'm only a light user) .

    There have been a few "blips" in the network, but I've not been hit as hard as you may read in the recent threads.

    All in all, a cheap server, with not too many issues. You need quite a big jump in budget to get much better from the likes of SM etc...

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    Damn-it wont let me edit-so ill double post

    How does their speed comapre to the plces such as ev1servers and the planet?

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    speed is equally as good at managed, no issues there either.

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    khazun for us they are just good you might face a downtime once a month around 1 houre but that will still keep you in the 99.9% up time.

    speed is perfect support might be some time slow but if you dont need much of it then you are good.
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    Originally posted by Boost
    you might face a downtime once a month around 1 houre but that will still keep you in the 99.9% up time.
    99.9% uptime would mean no more than 43.2 minutes of downtime / month.

    60 minutes is around 99.86%

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    I currently have a server.

    Now I will give you the blatent truth.

    I beleived in the beginning they were great. I've had them for four days now. And my server has been down for three of them....

    Speed of networks is wonderful to canada

    However, slower to some us. Its 100% nothing else. So if you're loo king for multihomed more reliable b/w you're better off with say sm or something.

    Three days, no answer on phones, email, or any responses* seems they don't do ANYTHING on the weekends. Not even respond to emails*

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    I've had a box with a reseller of theirs for over a month now. The speeds are usually very good. We've had some problems with some people on the east coast getting bad speeds, and some problems to NTL in the UK, but those problems seemed to have gone away.

    As for uptime - They were pretty well solid for Feb, with only a little downtime on some routers. January had some big problems that kicked them to like, 98% uptime. Before then though, they were, like, 100% solid.

    The solid aboveNET thing can be a problem if they get slammed with DDOS attacks. Though, they seem to be getting better about nulling out the attacks. Ticket times around around a hour for some average stuff (questions, PTR, etc). Though, i've only sent 3 emails to their techs, so it's nothing huge.

    As for weekends, they don't have people in. They only work M - F 8 - 6 or so. Though, they have techs in the NOC to take care of reboots i heard (haven't tried them, since my box has been solid, uptime wise).

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    I have been on for 4-5 days ago. Was great for first 2 days, now they have been down since saturday. No reply to tech support, no one answers on the phone.
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    Same problem with my box AKWS no messages from no one*

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    I got a box to play with back in December, cancelled it after the first month as it wasn't available enough to do any "playing" with. Their support is non-existant and their uptime while I was with them was terrible.

    Just as all their current customers were running around here waving the "managed rocks, they got their stuff together now" flag they went down for a few hours.

    I wouldn't waste your time personally, pay a few bucks more and get a decent provider, the peice of mind alone should be worth the extra cash.

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    for what it's worth:

    I've been a member since friday and I've actually been happy with the support I've gotten over the weekend. Here's the summary of the support I've gotten this weekend:

    Friday 11:08 pm:
    after mucking about trying to install a software raid disk on the root partition remotely, I rebooted my system, but it never came back up. I submitted a reboot request.

    Friday 11:17 pm:
    received receipt saying my reboot would happen soon

    Friday 11:30 pm:
    received email saying system was rebooted.

    Saturday 12:28 am:
    I still can't ping or ssh into my machine. I sent another email to support saying as much

    Saturday 1:00 am:
    received email from support saying it will not 'react to access'. An engineer will be assigned to fix the server.

    Saturday 1:13 pm:
    received email from support saying the system got hung on a BIOS setting for the second disk (this could have been my fault, I guess). It's back up

    worked fine all day

    Monday 12:42 am:
    On my server, configuring and setting it up all night, about 12:42 (the time I sent my support e-mail) I just lost my ssh connection... not great, so I e-mailed support asking what happened and reboot to reboot my machine

    Monday 2:34 am:
    received e-mail receipt from reboot

    Monday 8:53 am:
    received e-mail from support saying the system is responding to ssh and pings. confirm reboot


    I know that this isn't 'stellar' support, but it's much more than I had hoped for after reading all the comments on the board (and yes, still going with managed). They did respond to my requests over the weekend.

    I hope this helps

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    I finally got my OS Restore which was requested on friday, i'm all happy again.

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