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    Alternaitive of SSH + unzip and zip files in the server.

    I wonder how you guys backup large amount of files.. when you dont have ssh accouint ?

    What i do with SSH enable account is i can use command to compress and uncompress file and also I can accese to mysql server in command prompt to run larger sql file..

    Any suggestion or advice.. I am going to have a reseller account which does not give SSH access .. But I need this to backing up and storing files easily..


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    Which control panel are you going for? Most have a backup feature which will allow you to download a backup of the whole account.

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    In Cpanel for instance you can it unter site management/backup

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    You can use ready scripts that allows you to backup files to remote server with FTP access which is by default, If backup of mysql is concern, then here is the script that works like charm and easy to configure. look for the mysql_backup.cgi

    hope this helps....

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