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    IIS5 will not allow url to .exe file


    I have a website that just has a standard index.html file in it for its homepage which works fine. In the same folder i have an executable file called ams.exe. if i type the url to my home page it works fine.
    if i type the url with a /ams.exe i get page not found. i tested putting a plain txt file in there and if i type url to my site with /test.txt it works fine. it seems like its just .exe files.

    When i set up the website it was done with all default settings and the evryone group has full permissions to the .exe file

    I have tested it with a server running iis 6 and it all works fine.

    Any ideas?


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    If you're using IIS Lockdown or URLScan, make sure you allow the exe extension, otherwise urlscan will return a 404. Look for the file: WINNT\system32\inetsrv\urlscan\urlscan.ini

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    Thanks mate

    That was spot on, just removed .exe from the deny section of the file.


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