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    sendmail (exim) problem

    I would appreciate a much needed help on the sendmail program from the experts here.

    Since my subscription to my current host, I have constant problems with sendmail program (exim). One problem is that some of my emails failed to deliver. The latest symptom is that it can't deliver to the email accounts in the same machine, while emails to outside accounts (like Yahoo account) works. Such a problem is intermittent in the past, and I just don't know when it will strike. The other problem is always there, i.e., there is no bounce back if I send emails to a wrong email address.

    The tech support of my host is generally nice, but they seemed to lack expertise on this front. Such problem is on and off for a couple of weeks, which really drived me crazy so far, because I have several programs, like formmail, really dependent on sendmail program.

    Does anyone here have similar experience to mine or could you suggest what's best way to attack the problems?

    Here is a test shell script that I used:

    /usr/sbin/sendmail -t << EOF
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: test


    And here is the general server information

    cPanel Build 9.0.0-RELEASE #44
    Operating system Linux
    Apache version 1.3.29 (Unix)
    PERL version 5.8.1
    Path to PERL /usr/bin/perl
    PHP version 4.3.4
    MySQL version 4.0.15-standard
    Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail

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    Another fact that I just found: my web form mail script still works, which basically deliever emails to my email accounts in the same machine. On the other hand, the similar script doesn't work in the Cpanel jailshell window as described earlier. It is just weird.

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