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    looking for a co-lo provider in west coast

    i am looking for a co-lo provider that can offer me a good deal on co-locating a 2u server with atleast 650 gigs of transfer per month. i am looking in the $150-200 range,

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    if you're looking north west.. good luck

    if you're looking south west (cali) just search for "****** network". damn californians

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    Originally posted by lostpacket
    I guess if you want to be on a shared vlan with other, potentially misconfigured or malicious customers, than HE is a good choice. Other co-location shops figured out that shared vlans would soon be a thing of the past in uhh... 1998 or 1999. Just search the abovenet tech log archive for "VLAN 1" and look at the number of publically announced incidents caused by misconfigured customers.

    Any co-location or dedicated server shop that uses switches and routers capable of 802.1q, yet which does not segment each customer onto their own vlan, is irresponsibly putting their customers at risk of traffic interception, address hijacking, source spoofing, broadcast flooding (unless configured with "broadcast storm" protection developed specifically for co-lo's that had shared customer LANs back in the late 90s), and even spanning-tree problems and bridge loops. If your equipment supports segmenting customers using VLANs, there is no excuse for not implementing it.</rant>
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    Talk to InsiderHosting ([email protected]), I know they have a cage in One Wilshire that they are starting to do some colo in soon.

    It would be on Mzima bandwidth.

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