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    * Partnership Request

    Hi there,

    We are a New Webhosting Company in Iran and we need partnership with other American or European webhosting companies.
    We are not looking to be a reseller of some companies, we wanna be partner with the company.

    In our partnership, we don’t pay any money at first to pre-buy some space and bandwidth, in return we will pay the company a percentage of all every sale we make in our company.
    We need both Linux (with Cpanel) and Windows server.
    The problem that makes us unable to pre-buy a reseller or dedicated server, is the “US Government Trade Embargo” against Iran. For the security reasons, all the hosting accounts must be created through the mother company, so we can not have access to the WMH too.

    Please reply this thread and let me know how much discount you can give us for each sales. (In percentage)

    We will then scrutinize the offers with our finance department and will chose the best offer for our mutual partnership cooperation.

    Best regards,

    Arasp Kazemian
    ParsByte Manager

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    how many clients do you already have?

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    Hmmm, this thread sounds ever so suspicious
    1) wants access to the server/ diskspace/ bandwidth, and no upfront fee's
    2) Actively requesting the host to be devious in assisting them to bypass an embargo (which is a grey area legally).
    3) Even if the host did recieve a commision, I would put money on it that the host would end up hosting your account at a loss.
    4) Half your web pages dont load

    Sorry for being sceptical, but the first things I thought when i read the thread was "either person looking for vunrabilities, warez distrobuter, scammer or spammer" with only a small percentage left for "could be genuine".
    Andrew Gearing
    AGCC Limited

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