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    Exclamation are they???

    hey im new to the world of web hosting but ive been looking through many sites and i found they have a silver package wich comes to 54 bucks a year for 20 gb and 400 mb unlimited emails and it sounds very good. i was wondering if they are someone i should choose to host with, thankyou

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    Hey, that is my 1st host...
    well no complaints...or maybe I am still green then.

    All issues I encountered were resolved through thier LIVE help desk..pretty efficient


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    I have had some smaller websites hosted with them for a while. Cheap and flexible plans. Can't remember that their servers have been down, but support is not the best I have experienced. At that price I'm not really complaining..
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    Been using them for a couple of years

    I have been using them for a couple of years, I've had a few minor problems, but everything was resolved once they were aware. The seem to deal with everything within hours, or at the most a day. I do not think they proactively monitor their servers, but at this price what do you expect.

    I use them mainly for brochure-ware type site, and download my e-mail to my pc for back-up. When they did their CPANEL switch I did loose all of my e-mail on the web server, but I had copies on my local pc, so it was not really an issue.

    They have a double space/bandwidth special on now, and I will be increasing my space. If you were heavy into e-commerce, I am not sure you would want to go with the cheapest host.

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