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    When HTTP Port Can Be Attacked by Hacker?


    Since we must open the 80/HTTP port for the dedicated server. I understand that this port should be safe in normal condition.

    What will cause the HTTP port attacked by hackers?

    How they attack the HTTP port and how can we prevent it?

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    often depends what you're hosting on your web sites, but
    many attacks are via port 80. check out

    for a guided tour

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    You should have a CISSP professional look into it.
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    I don't know exactly what info you are looking for, but I'll try to explain what you might consider attacking port 80. First, someone can DDOS or DOS (denial of service) attack port 80 by sending it multiple requests. That would be one way to attack it.
    Apache answers the door when you try to make a TCP/IP connection to port 80. Hackers use telnet sessions to send http packets to port 80. They will generally check your Apache version, gather other information, and try to find exploits on your system if they determine that you are running insecure, outdated software. From there, they will either send certain control packets to Apache to exploit a weakness or begin attacking other ports that are accepting connections.

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    I know for a fact that the SucKIT rootkit is embedded at the kernel level, and looks like someone is sending bad data (forged TCP packet) to port 80, but infact its just opening a root shell (how nice)
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