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    co-lo linux: Mandrake or Redhat? and ....

    How to remotely manage them?

    Anybody experenced in these OS ? Give me suggestion please.

    It would be better if there is also info about stability, usability.

    My System: Dell PowerEdge 1750. 2 cpu, 3* 73G HD. Do anybody know if above linux run on this platform?

    Thanks very much!

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    In my experience RedHat is always best to go with over Mandrake. Since you sound unfamiliar with either, RedHat may be the way to go, they offer excellent support if you purchase it. Personally, I use Gentoo.

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    Thanks, but..

    RedHat is no longer free!
    The reason i select linux is it's price ($0).
    How do you like Gentoo?

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    I'm a Debian fan myself for my colo machines.

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    Gentoo is my distro of choice.

    One of the features I personally enjoy is portage. It's an easy method to install some of the more common programs in the Linux world. Also, Gentoo has been benchmarked against Mandrake, and it outperformed Mandrake. See the results here.

    If you want to use Redhat, use Fedora, but I'd strongly suggest using Gentoo.
    John Kata

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    FreeBSD might be a OS to look into and see if it might fit with what you are going to use it for.

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    If you arent comfortable with either I dont recommend colocation.
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    I think one of our customer had an exact same system as that one you listed. Redhat does run fine on it.

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    You can run red hat on that box with no problem. Remote admin can be done many ways on linux, you can use something like webmin to do web based admin. You can use VNC, that would give you a remote GUI desktop. Or you can do it with SSH using the command line.

    Since you dont seem to be too up on how to use linux, I suggest you hire a admin for your server. They will lock it down and make sure it has its updates.

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    If you arent comfortable with either I dont recommend colocation.

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