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    Is "" history???

    I have a website ( hosted at and when I try and access it I don't even get a 404 error; "NOTHING" happens. The browser just sits there. I tried to access and I "DO" get a 404 error.

    Has anyone heard anything about what's going on there or are they even still there?????

    Maybe time for new hosting. Does anyone have or know of hosting similar in price to these guys???

    Hep me... Hep me... Hep me...

    Thanks in advance for any info at all!!!

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    it appears they're either gone or down. if the downtime continues that most likely they're gone. How much were you paying and what did you get?

    **edit** I can't even get this whois information
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    How long has it been like that? Could be a simple DNS change or a Server reboot.

    I tried to check the domain with whois but keep getting a timeout. Also connection to was refused... *Shrugs*

    Im stumped

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    They were cheap!


    I'm reluctant to say because, as you know, "you get what you pay for". These guys had 200 meg, and 3 gig a month band for the attrocious sum of $12 a year.

    OK.... OK.... I KNOW.... I KNOW..... :-)

    Actually they were VERY good with up time, and help response, but I guess something that good can't last.

    Anyway, they are still down! Anyone else hosted there or am I the only "lucky" one? Anyone hear anything floating around?

    Thanks again for any help!

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    Looks down from here as well.
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    I can not reach it either.

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    I am sorry for you, but:
    Good, fast, cheap. Choose any two.

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