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    How can I increase traffic to my site?

    Hi Guy:

    I've being a reseller for about 6 months and I'm still struggling to increase traffic to my website - Abdulk WebHosting . So far, I have about 10 clients and they are very pleased with the service. My original host is wonderful and I have no issues with my reseller plan at all.
    Guys can anyone show me some marketing strategies?


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    What has your market budget and campaign been so far ? To get the word out, you need to advertise and advertise constantly and aggressively. The important thing is to be seen and have your name and url locked in the mind of people.

    Get some name card printed and when you meet people exchange cards so they know where to go if they need web hosting services. Approach local businesses. Use Adsense and other banner advertising medias. If there is any place online or offline where you could send in feature stories, you could always talk about the internet and web business and so on and list your name, url and a little background of your business in there. Have your site listed on search engines, web hosting directories and so on. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    How are you currently marketing your website?

    Have you listed your site in directories?
    Have you listed your site in search engines?

    Setup a signature on WHT with your name and the URL to your company.

    Many little things bring you a lot of traffic

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    No offense, but your name is difficult to say in English. In Marketing its important that the company name roll off of the tongue so its easily remembered. Before you spend effort on advertising I would consider changing your company name. My name is confusing, so I would never use my own name for a company. That is if your market is American.

    There are plenty of companies however that are hugely successful with names that don't work well, so please feel free to disregard my advice, and again, its nothing against you or your name personally, its just that 2 hard consonants together make the name hard to say. Is your name Turkish?

    2 things you can do cheaply: One) hand out business cards to everyone you talk to. Two) put a sign on your car (professionally made) that lists your URL etc.
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    Thanks vantaticman7:

    I've been thinking about changing my company's, however, I wasn't sure that it could be an issue. Since you've recommended this I strongly believe it's time to change and go forward.
    Thanks again dud.

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    Hey abcin, Below we have listed some ideas and things that we do to market our site. Hope it help

    What you have to also do is get your link pop up. Link Popularity has a lot to do with which of the top searchs picking you up. If you don't mind I look you up in both Alexa and Markleap and you need with work big time in those areas.

    Go out and find sites that have something to do with hosting and our line of business Get listed on them

    take a day each week and list your site in as many business directories as you can do. Make sure that they have something to do with your line of business. Go out and find a link exchange script and add it to your site and work on that each week.

    Another thing that we do is, Find a good expired domain name software, we use one that we have made for us......Then we search one day each week for Expired domain names that have to do with hosting, website design etc. register these domain and point them to your URL.

    Some weeks we fine none, Some weeks we find a few........ Over all its a great way to get targeted traffic.

    Also work on your targeted Key word. If you check most of the top search engines under "turnkey business" If our website is not #1 I am sure that we are in the 1st page.........this takes time anbd working on your targeted keyword. Placing these keywords ALL OVER you site where it makes sense

    Also CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT. Add artciels, information on hosting on your site. This also helps with having engines crawl your site
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