Hey, this my first post here regarding logo designs, as I've always done it on the side.
You can see my portfolio at Xshare.org. It's constantly updated as I make new logos for new people.

I always make sure that I have the clients priorities first, and as such, treat customers as I'd like to be treated myself. I make any revisions necessary, even for a 6 week period after the sale. I always work with my clients step by step and make every single change they desire to the best of my abilities, sometimes even working a design real-time via an Instant Messenger Program or IRC. Being able to communicate with clients is important to me.

I normally charge from $55+ but that depends from case to case. For a design quote, email me at [email protected]. Be sure to include any and all text for the logo, the color schemes you are partial to (if you have any idea), and any other ideas you have for the logo, such as inspiration, what you want it to imply, and whatever you feel necessary.
Or you can just contact me through the methods listed in my signature, or via the WHT IRC. I am on most of them 24/7.

I hope that I can provide a great service to your business.